Zip the Monkey and Effective Advertising

How many ads did you buy something? Hmmm … As a child of 9 years, I was flipping through a magazine and saw an ad for Boys Life magazine squirrel monkeys real – for only $ 19.95. I wanted the monkey so bad that I have all my friends convinced me $ 3 for the front of every opportunity to see the monkeys at any time. I also risked the wrath of my parents when they discovered new friend “zip”. It was a powerful ad. But why?

How many ads did you buy something? Think about it. I bet when you think about this a little, like most people, you think no more than two or three examples – at best. Advertising is really inefficient? Of course, I thought the zipper-monkey. In addition to a screen that has enchanted my childhood sense of adventure and daring, what other brands have prompted me to buy?

Well, for one Advil PM.

I saw the ad recently, sitting on the couch, partially offset by another trans-Atlantic business jet. It was simple, comparative, and to the point: with Prime Minister Advil extended release formula, you can sleep through the night. No clock like other major competitors. I travel a lot and spend much time in Europe. In Europe, six hours ahead of the U.S., I would take the product from the competition before going to bed – only to wake up in the middle of the night – awake. A few hours later, I was at work, even more exhausted than usual and dreams of a long nap. Is nothing extraordinary in the press, except that it was exactly my problem. In other words, I was emphasizing the perfect target and the right timing and the personalized message. After seeing the ad, I thought, “That’s me – I must try.” And I did.

Advertising Research tells us that the factors of persuasion and others are critical to the effect of advertising. But communicate a compelling and convincing performance, a function to do an important advantage is relevant. And relevance is the solution of personal problems or problems and communicate at the right time. Implementation of the right goal is essential. Communication ensures the relevance of the message right. With the right media receives a message of your product or service to the right person. Timing and deepens the relevance of personalized communication. Of course, this is one of the reasons search marketing is therefore proved a huge success – it matches the “intent” of the applicant and schedule increased. John Battelle wrote about this phenomenon in his excellent for 4 1/2 star book “The Search”.

There is huge opportunity for marketing communications to improve synchronization. The advent of digital marketing, social media, research, improved media buying and other forms of marketing analysis increasingly allow marketers to drive right time and improve an open wide range of marketing effectiveness.

This is a long time ago I sent in my $ 19.95, get my very own squirrel monkeys. To be honest, I do not remember the details of the screen. But something tells me there is a problem involved – such as the humiliation I felt eclipsed the previous day at school, when my green coat with a shark tooth was really cool. Maybe it had something to do with me wanting to hurt the king of his “show and tell.” While everyone else had stones, dolls and shark teeth show, I had a real living example of advertising time right effective. Zip the monkey

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